• Production of automated displays for displaying prices and commercial information characterized by high variability and dynamism.
  • Guarantee of precision, safety and timeliness in the updating of information towards the buyer.
  • Consistent data across all company / store systems
  • We have all seen at least once the inconveniences created in the sale from prices that are not updated and do not correspond to what was beaten in cash or to the difficulty of being able to have more exhaustive technical information from an inadequately trained staff.
  • Easily accessible and engaging information
  • Reduced costs for the staff.

    The current aggressive market dynamics leads in some cases to having to adjust sales prices even more times during the day or to change their characteristics (origin, size, quality class, type of packaging especially in the products perishable like fruit, vegetables, dairy products …) in some cases making it practically impossible to vary the information displayed on the product in real time.

The project “ Ideal Signage ” was created to solve all these problems while also improving the quality of information with a modern, practical, easy to use and with a remarkable aesthetic impact.

The application areas are endless since the layout is entirely tailored to the customer based on the specific information needed:

Fruit and vegetables …

Butchery, Gastronomy, Fisheries …

Marketing sectors interested :
Big organised distribution
Computer technology
Estate agents
wine bars

Display : LCD Colors High resolution of various formats (8 “10” 12 “15” …)
Readability : optimal from every angle
Power supply: low consumption (2 A max per display)
Installation : Support by hanging or wall-mounted electrified track
Structural impact : Maximum wiring simplicity
Aesthetics : Fully customizable and can be integrated with the lighting system for the products displayed