It is the system that changes the concept of monolithic bedhead, capable of taking on various configurations to meet specific functional and aesthetic needs. The Miniblock project is the right compromise between quality and price and allows the end user to have an always updated and modern product as it is capable of being equipped with modern production accessories such as high efficiency LED plates

with EN ISO 13485: 2016 and EN ISO 13485: 2016 certification.

The traditional Euro Visual Italia LED lighting has brought forward a standard with high efficiency LED plates with indirect lighting dimmable from 0-100% of the light beam in the Dali – Push version which can reach a range of approximately 950 / for each bed. 3000 total lumens in the shades of light 3000/4000 K.

The Miniblock beam is completely made of extruded aluminum and can be customized in the various RAL colors and in the natural chemical anodizing finish in the most updated versions such as colored chemical anodizing. Upon specific request, it is possible to create the headboard with surface finish using ANTIBACTERIAL powders. The shape of the headboard is designed to ensure the ideal efficiency of indirect lighting. The 45 ° inclination of the lid favors the orientation of the light towards the patient (medical examination light) as well as ensuring the ergonomics of the controls housed on the lid. The internal accessibility to the headboard is given by the snap opening of the lower cover allowing great ease of maintenance and (given the absence of housings for screws) also the elimination of any dust deposits. The surface of the headboard, without roughness and with rounded edges, simplifies cleaning operations and avoids accumulations of dust. The dimensions and spaces dedicated to the fluid circuits are large and suitable to facilitate the laying of the pipes (up to 6 pipes in an area of 10/12 mm. In diameter). All versions adopt an external extruded aluminum channel equipped with its own snap-on cover (removable with a tool).

The bedhead beams are provided with an additional compartment (separate from the gas channel) for containing all the electrical utilities necessary for operation with separation of the 230 volt and low voltage lines in dedicated conduits. The electrical equipment includes (made on request / custom) each type of electrical fruit of the major ma- nufacturers and also in the antibacterial version. Medical device in class I (without channel or gas box).

Class I Medical Device (without gas channel) – CE Marking


Simple, cheap, fast: to navigate between friendly light waves.
Realization specifically designed for retirement homes and assistance for the elderly; it combines simplicity and functional completeness with economic convenience.

Average indicative weight KG 8 / mt Electrical insulation class: I

Class I Medical Device – CE Marking – made of extruded aluminum with die-cast closing heads.

Structural and mechanical aspects
A continuous shape, with uneven surfaces, avoids the formation of dust accumulation points, facilitating cleaning operations. The lid, placed in a vertical position, can be customized in the colors, materials and type of electric fruits.
On the cover there are the command devices, the electrical outlets as well as the other required services (eg telephone, spe- akers, EDP …).
In the rounded upper and lower ends of the apparatus, two transparent and internally striped polycarbonate screens house the lighting units for direct and indirect light. The headboard beam can be equipped with traditional lighting and with high efficiency LED strips in the dimmable Dali -Push versions complete with power supplies and control drivers.
The wall installation reproduces the characteristics of simplicity.
Since no mechanical accessory is provided, the application requires only the use of anchors which, through holes located in the part behind the apparatus, allow it to be fixed to the wall.


Euro Visual Italia presents a system that changes the concept of monolithic headboard because it allows maximum flexibility of the parts and components, taking on various configurations of the apparatuses such as to satisfy specific functional and aesthetic needs.

The headboard of the “VERTIGO ZEN model” family is the recent and therefore most advanced expression of the experience directly gained by Euro Visual Italia in the medical device sector.

The main feature that makes it different from the basic model VERTIGO TEK in addition to a more rounded and particular shape is the presence of a retractable cabinet which is used as a compartment for containing a retractable telescopic tent. The front is free of protrusions since the opening of the compartment is carried out by pressing / releasing the door itself.

The apparatus is compact, not dimensionally relevant and the distribution, command and communication services requested by the Customer are housed inside.
The essentiality of the form, the wide adaptability to the needs of personalization, including aesthetics, are salient features as well as indispensable in order to guarantee the adaptability of the system to the needs of comfort and reception in hospital rooms.

The Vertigo ZEN beam in the “a TOTEM” solution with the insertion of the EUROPLYNET lighting bodies allows to serve two beds at the same time for utilities such as (nurse call, electrical sockets, data and telephone sockets, equipotential earth sockets, light controls, and lighting environment).

With the Vertigo ZEN solution, greater ease of installation and maintenance of the product is guaranteed, avoiding in many cases the need to create masonry to install the headboard beams.

– The headboard is made of extruded aluminum painted with epoxy powders.

– The structure of the apparatus is free of roughness and with rounded edges.
– The module is equipped with a snap-on cover and, thanks to a tool, easy internal accessibility is guaranteed.

Class Ib Medical Device – EN ISO 13485: 2016, EN ISO 13485: 2016 marking